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Location: Ramnicu Valcea, Romania

Phones: RO +40724340185, RU +79850747288, EN +447475006436


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According to the requirements of Law no. 677/2001 on the Protection of Individuals with regard to the Processing of Personal Data and the Free Movement of such Data, amended and supplemented and of Law no. 506/2004 concerning the processing of personal data and privacy in the electronic communications sector, www.MunteleComorilor.ro is required to manage safely and only for specified purposes, personal data you provide about yourself, a member your family or another person.

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1. User identification

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User access to databases containing personal data is made by personal access codes, such as: username, password protected as authentication method. Access codes are assigned individually to each user based on a specific procedure. Unused user accounts for more than 12 months are permanently disabled after an operator control. Access codes can be retrieved on request by using the e-mail address, the user receiving a link to reset the access code.

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Access codes allow only the minimum level of access to personal data that is required to fulfill the service attributions.

Anonymous data will be used to prepare users or make presentations. Employees who teach training courses will not use personal data during their own training.

2. Type of access

Users access only the personal data needed to fulfill their service duties. For this, the operator establishes the types of access by functionality (such as: administration, input, processing, rescue, etc.) and after actions on personal data (such as writing, reading, deleting) types of access. Developers of personal data processing systems will not have access to personal data. The operator will allow programmers access to personal data after they have been converted into anonymous data. The technical support compartment may have access to personal data to resolve exceptional cases. Anonymous data will be used to prepare users or make presentations. Employees who teach training courses will use personal data during their own training. The operator will determine the strict ways that personal data will be destroyed. Authorization for this personal data processing must be limited to a few users.

3. Data collection
The operator designates authorized users for the collection and input of personal data in an information system. Any changes to personal data may be made only by authorized users designated by the operator. The operator will take measures to ensure that the information system records who made the change, the date and time of the change. For better management, the operator will take measures to keep the information system clear or altered.

4. Make your copies safe
Weekly, the operator will back up your personal data bases. Copies will be stored in a directory on the operator's server. Files can be accessed based on a login name and a password. Access to the storage directory of back-up files is limited and supervised.

5. Computers and access terminals
Computers will be installed in restricted rooms. Access computers used in the relationship with the public, on which personal data is displayed, will be positioned so that they can not be disclosed to the public.

6. Training the staff
In the training courses for the users of the personal databases, the operator is obliged to inform them about the provisions of Law no. 677/2001 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data, the minimum security requirements for the processing of personal data, as well as the risks involved in the processing of personal data, depending on the specific activity of the user. Users who have access to personal data will be trained by the operator on their privacy.


The site www.MunteleComorilor.ro is for adults. Personal information refers to the full name, CNP (required for issuing the tax invoice), address, email address, postal code, telephone number.
Members will be able to view, modify, delete personal information, renounce the publishing agreement, or refuse to collect further information.


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Our site can organize surveys and contests for members and visitors. Participation in these polls and competitions is not mandatory and does not require the input of personal data in the event of non-participation.
In case of participation, we collect contact information: email address, name and surname, demographic information and sometimes the address to verify the truth of the information provided. This information is used to notify winners.

Changes to site policy

www.Mountain-Treasures.uk (www.MunteleComorilor.ro) may be modified or discontinued at any time without prior notice and without any claim of any kind on your part. Sales conditions or regulations may be modified or interrupted by site administrators or owners at any time without prior notice and without any claim on your part.

www.Mountain-Treasures.uk (www.MunteleComorilor.ro), its operators, administrators and owners are not responsible, directly or indirectly, for any direct / indirect damage / problem, of any nature, as a result of the use of the service.


Mountain-Treasureswww.MunteleComorilor.ro displays priority products in LEI (Romanian currency) in order to be compatible with Romanian sales legislation but buyers and visitors can select other types of currencies. The purchase price includes VAT plus the shipping cost depending on the destination area. The cost of the shipment is updated periodically according to the rates posted by the Romanian Post or other shipping companies.

The total amount can be paid by card or bank transfer if the delivery is made in Romania. For buyers outside of Romania payment can be made by card, PayPal or Bank Transfer. Shipping is done in 24-72 business hours Monday to Friday inclusive.

After processing the payment and dispatch of the order, MunteleComorilor.ro will inform the buyers of the related tracking number by phone, e-mail, SMS, other electronic means agreed. In this way, buyers will be able to track the transit of their order.

Other specifications:

Mountain-Treasures.uk (MunteComorilor.ro) guarantees all precious stones as natural but they can pass through a quality adjustment process. These treatments can be thermal, light irradiation without any health implications, glass insertion or cedar oil and are acceptable under current legislation.

Mountain-Treasures.uk (MunteleComorilor.ro) displays individual pictures of the products sold. Every precious stone, regardless of its size, is checked, weighed, measured and pictured individually or in the batch, as the case may be. Very rarely, other images may be displayed if the stone is identical to the photo, or the technical conditions do not allow individual photography. It should be taken into account that the resolution of monitors of different electronic devices used for visualization differs and this is likely to influence the quality and color of the images. Also, it is not always possible to provide a picture identical to the look generated by the direct view of precious stones due to current technological limitations. For the reasons previously invoked, the products may not look the same as the photo. MunteComorilor.ro will always try to ensure the closest aspect of the precious gems of reality. In cases where this is not possible, additional descriptions will appear on the product page. Buyers and visitors may require additional photo or video images without abusing this. Providing additional information remains at the discretion of the site operator.


The Mountain of Treasures ( MunteleComorilor.ro) is trying to provide the best conditions for customers. In the case of litigation, priority is always given to their interest.


There are no customs duties on gemstone trade within the European Union. However, it is the duty of the buyers to check whether there are other taxes or regulations at destination if the recipient of the order is outside the European Union.

Buyers have 30 days to review and check their gemstones. If the products received not as described or a gemological examination result reveals discrepancies between the type of mineral purchased and received, the buyers may return the products received and can get full refund. If the reason for the return is imputable to the seller, it will also refund the shipping charges. Only the results of the specialized laboratories are considered. Returned stones must be returned in good conditions, with no scratches, scratches or signs of setting in the jewelery. The buyer must be able to notify by phone or by email to the muntelecomorilor1[@]gmail.com the intention of return the products. After reviewing them, the money will be reimbursed within 3 business days of receipt of the returned products.

You are protected by the Return Policy. If no amicable solution was found, return the products within 15 days of receipt and you will receive a full refund of the amounts paid. Contact customer service before sending the product back. You will be trained on how to send the product in good conditions.

Return Address: MIN STAR MC SRL, C.P. 504, O.P. no. 5, Ramnicu Valcea, Romania, ZIP: 240370

For any other information please send us an email from the contact page.

The terms and conditions mentioned above for good site performance in good conditions are mandatory. By registering as a member of www.MunteleComorilor.ro and accessing the site and / or placing orders, it must be accepted as such.

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