Onyx (or Onix) is a black and white colored variety of chalcedony that belongs to the quartz group of minerals, just like agate, only the latter has more shades of colors.

In the ancient world, carnelian was exploited in North Africa, being used by the Romans as ornaments, rings, medallions. In the later period of the Roman emperors, the exploitation of carnelian pearls (carnelian) also expanded in the northern Alpine area of today's Switzerland.

In the Middle Ages the mineral was used as a healing stone for diseases having a positive effect on hair, nails, skin and digestive diseases as a horoscope being considered in the sign of Capricorn correlated with the planet Saturn

"As old as the world", the onyx is the first stone we encounter in the pages of the Holy Scriptures. in the garden of heaven, near the rivers that spring from here, "onyx stone" is found (Genesis, 2,12). We meet the onyx again in the prophecies of Ezekiel: "You were in Eden, in the garden of God; your garments were adorned with all kinds of precious stones: with rubies, topazes, and diamonds, with chrysolite, onyx, and jasper, with satyr, emerald, carbuncle, and gold." (Ezekiel, 28,13)

Onyx was among the favorite gems of antiquity. Craftsmen chiselers and engravers carved from it cups, chalices, vases, various decorative objects, intended to beautify the rich tables and the ambience of the rooms.

In Europe, on the other hand, black and white onyx, due to its mournful appearance, has been viewed with reserve and mistrust since the Middle Ages. Medieval beliefs were perpetuated for centuries, until fashion demonstrated its unshakable power in the destinies of onyx. In the second half of the XlXth century, black and black-and-white onyxes suddenly gained great demand, initially in England, then in all European countries. Cameos were made from them, especially mounted in medallions, as well as brooches, rings, seals, desk sets, trinkets. The showcases of jewelers literally groaned with these stones, processed according to the fashion of the time. And the fashion of the time was Victorian, the new vogue of dark onyx being caused by Queen Victoria of England. Liking the simple jewels, the sovereign of England began by wearing them, and then ordered the crown jewelers to make many copies of them, to give them to members of her family. As Queen Victoria enjoyed a long reign and the number of her direct and collateral descendants was very large, the fashion quickly spread to all European courts and beyond. Fortunately, onyx was a stone that could be purchased at a relatively affordable price, so before long thousands of people could be proud to possess jewelry or ornaments similar to those of crowned heads. in Europe, the ill-fame of the onyx was definitely broken.

The countries where onyx was found in larger quantities are: Argentina, Brazil, Madagascar, Mexico, Pakistan, Uruguay, USA, India.

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